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Grainger Investigations are Licenced as a Field Agent in Queensland. A field agent is a Licenced under the Debt collectors and field Agents Act 2014. Only licenced Persons or companies can carry out the duties of Serving court documents in Queensland.

There are two types of Licence:

  • Sub-Agent Registration
  • Field Agent

Sub-Agents work under an Agents Licence and will work directly for the Agent, not the Applicant or Solicitor making the application. Agents are fully Licensed in their own right and can advertise for services and employ sub-agents. Agents should be insured and can be Audited by the Queensland Government for compliance with the act.

Grainger Investigations
29 Burnett St. Sadliers Crossing, QLD
PH: 07 3202 3730


Author: Grainger Investigations

We are experts in gathering evidence and information. Location of individuals or companies for the purpose of Legal Process. Throughout this journey, we work within a number of contexts for individuals, law firms, businesses, government agencies, insurers and more. Beyond our primary focus as a private eye in Brisbane, we also locate specific individuals and serve legal documents where required. In addition, our team is well-qualified to well as conduct surveillance.

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